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If you are here,

It is likely that something is calling you.

You are likely an experienced seeker who is turning your attention from the inner work to outer work.

Perhaps you have devoted a significant part of your life to deep spiritual practice and now you want to make a difference in the world. To wholeheartedly perform your vision -
to leave a legacy.

People doing transformative, radical self-inquiry are not symptoms of the evolution.
They are the cause of it.

What is your role, your craft, trade, profession, style or art of enacting your Holy Longing?
What powers, knowledges, capabilities help you to take your ultimate place in the world?

Long before your final breath, will you risk losing who you currently believe yourself to be, for the possibility of uncovering your most sacred of tasks, 
your unique legacy to this world?


A Contemporary Rite of Passage for Future Elders.

This six month certified training Program & Accredited Alumni of Women is an embodied hymn towards a future of radical sisterhood & empowerment for female Visionaries.  


For the future Ancestors of our wildest dreams. 

The Radical Woman Alumni is the seed of a feminine revolution, in which coherence is cultivated & creativity is the inevitable outcome. 


JOURNEY BEGINS 23.01.2022 

Seats are limited. Doors will close 01.01.2022

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What you will receive as part of the course

+ Six months of Archetypal Rites of Passage 
+ Monthly guest teachers & speakers

+ Integration & In-person Retreat for Graduates
+ Alumni for lifetime access to an emergent co-held network of Women
+ Opportunity to receive 1-1 sessions throughout.




You get to be paid to be you.


Abundance mindset actually made real in the form of 

Self-esteem, deep trust in your work & an open channel of creative inspiration.

Wealth made real for many via shared resources, collaboration, peer-to-peer mentorship & healthcare & progressive relationship to finances & wealthcare. 

You are your work. Nothing more is needed than you  - being anchored in your self-worth, with a wide-open channel & clear conviction that your voice & your art is worthy of LOVE.

This Alumni has been founded on this core belief system - that as women, we have an opportunity to untwist the knots of centuries of patriarchal programming woven in the arteries of our bloodline. We do that by no longer buying into the lethal lie that we have to work hard to receive love/money/recognition. 

When we are in our most natural state of openness & trust in ourselves, living art pours out of us. When this happens, it is magnetic. This is where we’re going with the Alumni.

Throughout centuries & in various indigenous tribes there has been a long standing rite of passage for women after processes of Birth. Rituals of binding, celebrating & consecrating birth have always required a clan of women alongside the Mother. During pregnancy, a woman’s body becomes soft - her axis shifts - her body is claimed by the seed growing inside of her. These post-partum rituals have been revered as an ancient & necessary way for a woman to reclaim her creative channel, reclaim her body & her erotic landscape as HER sovereign domain once again. 

As Creators, we are constantly in a process of gestation & birth. 
In Radical Woman Alumni we honor this cyclical process - of giving/receiving - as a way of navigating what it means to be a MOTHER/CREATOR in the contemporary world of healing & art. We take inspiration from indigenous feminist rituals to retemplate modern forms of support.


Every time she births, the clan help her return to her center. 


THE CLASS  : core stuff guided by Melissa Maya & Annette Muller.
THE FORUM : peer-to-peer exchange by you for you. 
THE SANCTUARY : womb-centered embodiment & meditation. 
THE HANDBOOK : bitesize printable pdf’s featuring the sovereign Handbook & Red-Tent Teacher Training Resources. 
THE ARCHIVE : Recorded Meditations & Exercises to go even deeper *if you like.
THE PANEL : monthly podcast style q+a with guest teachers. 
THE PORTAL : your library of recordings + resources. 
THE ALUMNI : members can feature as a collaborator & mentor for women to receive support from.



THE FORUM - FRIDAYS 18:00-19:00 CET.



This course doesn’t care about how experienced you are,
How many certificates you have
Or how many followers you have on instagram.

What we really care about is; how naked - truly naked - you can allow yourself to be.
In front of a group of women.
Can you strip yourself bare?

Showcase your most vulnerable piece of living art
Your truth
& can you set yourself free
At the service of setting others free, simultneously? 


Because this journey is for the woman who leads herself &/or others. 

Verena Wessel (Pleasure activist & Feminist)

“It was a rare delight to experience the combined energies of Annette and Maya at. Their individual skills combined to create a consciously held space and experience that felt truly transformative. My body, system and mind were soothed, challenged and strengthened through the processes they co-created. I felt so seen, loved and accepted in the group of wild women that gathered. I left feeling full of inner strength, self-resourced energy and passion that continues to imbibe my world and community with love. Thanks Wildesses” - Katie Bracher (Mother, Sauna Master & Founder of Wild Spa Wowo)

“Witnessing Maya and Annette merging and evolving together has been purely magical and transformative. They ignite rooms together, set fire, stir things up while holding the room. They open up space where you can soften into, yet not in a passive way, because they honour that there is "work" to do. They both complement each other in a profound way, hold each other lovingly accountable, have each other's backs and bring a colourful cocktail of energy and wisdom into the space. It is pure pleasure to taste their energies and to be able to enter their spaces.”


You’re an emergent Leader in your field of living art


You’re ready to go from accumulation to actualisation; from healing to leading.


You wish to step into your full breadth of power as a leader.


You are turned-on to be in service to the great' ‘shift’ that you can feel is happening in the collective.


You want to find more emergent ways of yielding power.


You have an insatiable appetite for fierce love & truth.


You’re afraid of seeming ‘selfish’ when you are self-loving. 


You find yourself getting burnt-out easily.


You love holding space for real intimacy &  ferocious truth.


You have a history of powerlessness and are ready to transform it into personal and communal power.


You are an intuitive leader who craves eye-to-eye peers.


You’re ready to become more self-attuned & responsive to pleasure.


You want to inhabit a space that’s both a sanctuary and a crucible for your growth.



You are not open and available for risky conversations and taboo questions. 

You prefer cancel-culture and calling people out over conflict transformation, nuanced dialogue and inspiring  accountability. 

You are not ready for whatever reason to look deep into the shadows you bring into your business and intimate relationships with yourself and other people. 

You are in a fragile place in your mental heath & without a therapist – this work is intense at times and requires your ability to self-soothe as well as a healthy dose of humour and energy to participate.


You’ve never done any kind of empowerment & embodiment work before - we will go right into the heart of deep layers of somatic & psychological re-programming, moreover this is not an entry-level introduction to being-in-the-body for someone who is very new to this work.



    1 998€
    One Single Payment
    Valid for 9 months
    • RWA 6 Month Journey
    • INCLUDES 3 X 1:1 SESSIONS with Maya & Annette

    Every month
    6 Month Payment Plan
    Valid for 6 months
    • RWA 6 month Journey



Our Opening Circle will be on the first New Moon of the year, 21 January 2023 at 19:00 CET.
We encourage you to mark this date in your calendar. 


You will have 1 live call with Maya and 1 live call with Annette every month as well as a bi-weekly Friday Trust Your Channel play date which you will each have a chance to facilitate. 


There will be recordings if you cannot make the lives but we encourage you to carve out time for this journey. We will also have a user-friendly community hub where you can connect with your Radical Sisters, ask questions, share your art and create your own study groups to deepen the work and practice the tools you are provided.


Radical Responsibility here. 

We know you all have lives AND we ask that you carve out time and make this journey your thing for Jan - June 2023. Attend as many of our live sessions as you can, they are where you get to truly show up and express your self. Your final certification project will also be well  nourished when you show up in these spaces. You will only have calls every second week so as to allow integration and embodiment. This is less about quantity and more about quality. Show up and bring all of you when you do.

This is an Advanced container for women who are already working in the fields of Art & Healing;


We acknowledge that this course requires radical financial commitment. Our payment plan options are there to support you if the full fee is not available at this moment. We have considered the value of this course at length and feel confident that it is a fair exchange for what is offered. We are also aware of economic disparities and welcome you to email us where you are at as well as a motivation manifesto if you feel this is something you truly feel you must be a part of. (


Yes, we have an epic crew on board that includes you!


In this Initiation process it is important that once you make a commitment you show up for it with integrity. As such, there is No Cancellations or Refunds available regardless of the choice of a payment plan or full payment. You may pause the work and come back to it later on, but once payment plans are set up it is expected that they will be honoured. {Of course if a true and real emergency arises, we will tackle it together.}


As you will read above, your certification of completion is our personal radical certification process that looks not at getting you to regurgetate information that we give you but rather to offer you this incredible opportunity to create a piece of art that you share with the world. Radical Woman Alumni nurtures creative expression and bravery. How you your art is delivered and what gets delieveed is entirely unique to you… you will learn more as we go… it is unlike any “certification” out there.

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